Bruce Burger
3 min readJan 22, 2022


“Treat The Life Force as God… No Other God Exists…” Nisargadatta Swami

We are trapped, as bedside witnesses to the cruel death of Nature and our dear Mother Earth…This is a death, that could have been avoided with a mere paradigm shift.

The ancient Jews, when they had been driven out of their Holy Land, forced out of their sacred groves and sacred springs, had invented an abstract philosophical God, who inhabited a fantastical heaven that could be conveniently carried around in a book by a landless people. With God in Heaven, one could do anything to an earth that was no longer sacred.

It is a fools hubris to believe that any anthropomorphic concept of God, can do justice to the vast and mysterious creation…

The materialist paradigm, which defines western Judeo-Christian thought…is alien to the ancient mind… In Mother India, the only survivor of the draconian imperialism of capitalism and the church… All Life is Sacred…There is nothing that is secular… All creation is understood to be one living, breathing, conscious Being. All creation is the sacred body of God.

The foundation of this world view, is Brahmin…the AbsoluteSatchitananda…Being, Consciousness, Bliss. Being is all pervasive, as is Consciousness and the resultant bliss.

Horned Tauris Paradigmatic Energy Field. The trajectory of energy is defined by the Golden Ratio Spiral 1.618033988749894

As I understand it…everything that “exists” is a unique field of “energy”. A field is a dynamic feedback loop maintaining the integrity of that field. In each nanosecond this cybernetic loop is taking in the experience of its environment and self correcting to maintain its homeostasis.

The ability to take in experience and self correct is the definition of intelligence, and this recursiveness . “At The Speed of Life” is the very definition of Consciousness!

One very quickly understands…that every point in the field…is information…and the field is totally consciousness.

So we aver, as did the ancients, that the stuff of creation is this all pervasive divine intelligence.

Its valuable to understand, that in order to self correct, the consciousness must be free! Thus I believe our passion for freedom is fundamental to nature.



In the paradigm of Ancient India… Brahmin is an all pervasive field of LIVINGBeing-Consciousness-Bliss… The active expression of Brahmin is Brahma. Brahma is an ever expanding breath of creative intelligence. An ever expanding breath unfolding the creative potency of Brahmin. EVERYTHING that moves from Galaxies to nano quarks of DNA is the unitary movement of the breath of Brahma… The life breath of a living universe.

In this paradigm…we live in an ocean of life force. The life breath of a divine and living universe.

In each moment LIFE is breathing you…An ever-expanding Brahma is unfolding the creative potential of Life through you. You are the personification of the cutting edge of the unfolding creative potency of Life. You are the face of the Cosmos…The face of the Goddess!

Everything that moves is the life breath of a living cosmos. The breath of life… spiritus in Latin… spirals from the macrocosm of your body to the tiniest nano quarks of the DNA in the microcosm of your organism.

The mathematics of the life breath of a living cosmos is expressed through the golden ratio spiral… 1.618033988749894… The singularity of this spiraling life breath vibrates from nano-quark to infinite galaxies as the life breath of a living universe. (Universe…Latin …attuned to one coil…). The Golden Ratio Spiral is the basis of the recursiveness that facilitates the harmonious nesting of energy fields on every level of microcosm and macrocosm in a universal wholeerarchy.


It is important to realize…that this is a paradigm of unity and is a model of unitive consciousness. That what is central at every nano-second is CONSCIOUSNESS… The Bhagavad Gita uses a word that is often translated as cogniscence and the ancient Upanishads… use intelligence to point to this level of manifestation. Its telling to use the word PRESENCE…

Presence, cogniscence, intelligence is …”unborm, undying, everywhere. always, for ever and ever and ever…”. An omnipresent Intelligence is the cogniscence in each moment of feedback.

This is what sages of India refer to as the Self. The spark of universal divinity, which illuminates our experience. This is the omnipresence! This is the unique and distinguishing quality of all Life! This Omnipresent Living Creative Intelligence functions as what we traditionally call GOD…

I’ll leave you to contemplate this…

blessings, Bruce

Bruce Burger

Bruce Burger, MA,BCPP, is founder of Heartwood Institute and author of Esoteric Anatomy: The Body As Consciousness.