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Intelligence is at the heart of every living process… the ability to learn from experience. The ability to integrate experience into expression. Every atom, molecule, cell and organic process is a feedback loop maintaining homeostasis, integrating its experience of its environment into its expression to maintain its integrity.

Flame-back Woodpecker, Corbett Village, India, 2019

This recursive dynamic is the very definition of consciousness.

Yes, there is a self-organizing intelligence at the heart of every living process. Sages of the east, point out that, all of creation, is cyclical… beginningless, endless, unborn, undying, everywhere always, eternal, for ever and ever and ever. Thus, it is futile to search for its, beginning, its source. This Great Mystery of Consciousness is Self effulgent, dependent only on totality for its dynamic.

In the Brhad-aranyaka Upanishad (which is considered to be the most important of the ancient esoteric East-Indian teachings of the Upanishads), the sage Yajnavalkya explains:

“As a mass of salt is without inside, without outside, is altogether a mass of taste, even so, verily, is this Self without inside, without outside, altogether a mass of intelligence only.”

In the macrocosm of our lives, this all pervasive intelligence manifests as our cogniscence, our presence, our intelligence… not our thoughts or ideas, or even our ideals, but our awareness. The sages of the India, point out that this cogniscence, is your Self…a constant presence of awareness, from birth to death. This Self is the only thing about you that does not change throughout life. This intelligence is both the God within you and you!

This intelligence is both the medium and the process underlying all Life. As it is Self-Effulgent…uncaused by anything outside of its own dynamic… we can view it…. as a first cause… miraculous, divine. Life itself is Sacred. All Life is Sacred…All life is Divine. Life is God…

Viewing the body as energy, we understand that this “energy” is Consciousness and the body an epiphenomenon of consciousness. For example the epiphenomenon of the body appear so be solid but is really something else…. elaborate fields of vibrant intelligence processes.

In our healing work we call this intelligence, Therapeutic Presence… and work with it in myriad ways to restore the harmony and integrity of the body’s relationship to its omnipresent source… the oceanic field of life breath that so generously shares its sacred miracle of life with us and as us…

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Welcome home to your essential divinity… Bruce



Bruce Burger

Bruce Burger, MA,BCPP, is founder of Heartwood Institute and author of Esoteric Anatomy: The Body As Consciousness.