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It is vital that postmodern humanity realize just how deeply we have been brainwashed.

The dominant materialist paradigm which denies the divinity of life… makes possible…an apocalyptical exploitation of nature and humanity which today threatens life itself.

We are the daughters and sons of Abraham… the biblical religions express the ideology of warlords…a God safely in heaven permits, even promotes the pillage, plunder and rape of those nonbelivers in monotheism… who worshiped the divinity of mother earth.

Centuries of Christian and Islamic merciless crusades and draconian inquisitions gave birth to the dominant paradigm… a secular, materialist world view.

The Crusaders proudly burned the libraries at Constantinople and Alexandria, and the Conquistadors understood that knowledge was power, vanquished the culture of indigenous peoples. Centuries of draconian inquisitions by the church have left western culture brainwashed in ignorance and muddled in confusing and unsatifying spiritual gobbledygook, mystyfying pomp andhollow ritual.

Gazing at Stonehenge or the great pyramids of the Egyptians or Mayans we blindly speculate on the most fundamental questions are these temples or tombs? Experts have been stumbling through lifetimes of ignorance trying to decipher the ABC’s of the hieroglyphics of the ancients.

Mother India is unique in the world as the only place on earth where the ancient wisdom has not been destroyed by imperialism and the church.

India holds a uniquely valuable place on earth for its thriving connection to the ancient wisdom. In India a vast literature exists, and more important a flourishing way of life in temple and home that has been carried on from time immemorial. Archeological evidence points to a culture in India that is tens of thousands years older than the relics of Egypt or Central America.Some scholars date the Rig Veda as early as 12,000 BCE. Archeologists have carbon dated relics of great Indian cities to as much as 35,000 years BCE.

India offers an immersion in a way of life that had been practiced for millennium before Osiris, Christ, or the Mayan Popol Vuh.

Sanskrit Language Of The Gods

Indias profound oral tradition, has been carried on in Devanagari which means the perfected language or the language of the gods. Sanskrit is designed to facilitate impeccably reliable oral transmission. The Sanskrit literature is defined by rules and nemonic devices to hi-light and prevent errors. Rituals are carefully passed on father to son through the strict conventions of the Brahmins priestly caste and equally important way of life taught by mother to daughter in every home.

Hindus tell us that their Sanatana Dharma is not a faith based religion as in the west but a way of life which offers practices that promote a moment to moment experience of Yoga/Soul Communion. These pratices guide and illuminate every of element life from dawn to dusk, new moon to full moon, and birth to death. In India everything begins with a prayer, as all of life is sacred.

In the west we look toward psychology to heal the fear, self loathing, insecurity and alienation which dominates much of our inner life. Eastern traditions offer a sattvic way of lifewhich over the milinnium has proven its efficacy to promote communion with Being and a moment to moment experience of Soul Communion andPresence/Satchitananda.

In the Sanatana Dharma, which offers a vast literature of spiritual contemplation and practice… the sacred is both transcendent, as in monotheism and immanent as in pantheism. The fundamental difference is a world view where all life is sacred while westerners are immersed in a materialistic world view and often slaves to materialism.

Indian wisdom is rooted in the realization that all life is sacred… That the universe is a living breathing conscious being…!

Sacred Cows

The Srimad Bhagavatam explains that the Sacred Cow embodies the divinity, kindness and generousity of Life. Of course its denigrated in the materialistic west as it is a symbol of India’s sacred paradigm and the passionate realization of the divinity and unity of all life.

India offers a Sattvic way of life… Sattva (Being) is the force of equilibrium in Nature. A Sattvic life style facilitates…energetic coherence… where every cell… every field… of our bodies becomes coherent…a well to Being… promoting Soul Communion… Living in and as “The Presence” in health an harmony.

Without Self Knowledge… we are slaves to our ignorance and the delusions which dominate our fragile egos and vulnerable personae.

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Bruce Burger

Bruce Burger, MA,BCPP, is founder of Heartwood Institute and author of Esoteric Anatomy: The Body As Consciousness. www.weare1.us