The Great Mystery of Life and Conscioysness… clokes herself in the mantel of nature…

The Abrahamic religions… are the religions of warlords. The biblical Jehovah of monotheism is a jealous and angry god. The bible demands pillage, rape and plunder as a religious duty. The Old Testament commands its followers conquer, murder and enslave pagans who believe…. That Nature, Life, the Earth herself, is Sacred. Who worship a goddess who is our Mother Earth..

Pagans, traditionally kiss the sacred earth, each morning in reverence. While most of us are confused by abstract concepts of the divine or anthropomorphic images which seek to personify divinity. Traditional people may have been immersed in a way of life in which they experienced all of life as sacred. Where nature herself was a Goddess. Where every relationship was an experience of the divine.

Monotheism is the world view of predatory patriarchal societies which conquered the peaceful earth-worshiping neolithic people of Old Europe. (See the work of Marija Gimbutas, who’s Kurgan invasion hypotheses is now supported by cutting edge DNA research. Gimbutus argues that for tens of thousand years Earth worshipping people lived in peace in equalitarian villages in old Europe.)

It is the Diest paradigm, that allows predatory capitalism to rape and plunder our Mother Earth.

For thousands of years of inquisitions and witch burning, the obvious reality that all life is sacred has been banished from conventional wisdom. Scientific convention, the brain-child of the medieval church, is blinded by the same materialistic biblical paradigm. Individual who question convention are labeled and prosecuted as “eco-terrorists”

Pan is calling…

Naive phenomenology is an epistemology (criteria for knowing) which validates our individual subjective experience.

Revelation is a classic quality of the divine. Our Sacred Life reveals itself in the experience of peace that we experience in Nature, in the Garden, in Loving. Our Sacred Life reveals itself in the ecstasy of good health, freedom to dance and the joy of creativity and learning. Our Sacred life reveals itself in Seva… kindness, generosity, service and sharing.
The Great Cosmic Mother: Monica



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